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Hospitality Sales, Marketing and Communications Consultant

Creative | Commercial | Results Driven


Emily is a highly skilled and successful sales, marketing and communications consultant, with over 12 years’ experience in the hospitality sector, implementing company-wide marketing strategies and campaigns.

Services include:

Sales and marketing audits
Sales and marketing strategies and implementation
Traditional and digital marketing
Local marketing
Market research and competitor analysis
Departmental training: sales, marketing, reservations & events
Brand development
New opening strategies
Sales collateral design and copywriting
Website management
PR and comms management

Maternity cover

Available on a consultancy basis, offering hourly, daily and monthly options, to suit all requirements and budgets. 


Tom Aikens, Founder & Director, Tom Aikens Group

"Emily is very good at understanding your specific needs & requirements, particularly involving marketing and social media. Whether it's for a specific, local campaign or for a large-scale publicity campaign, Emily will definitely add value to your company and brand.”


Oxfordshire - The Cotswolds - London

07500 900 577

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